A Boring Dream

I am back at my old job, helping out for some unknown reason. The store is packed full with people; at the same time, however, all the appointments that were scheduled so far have not shown up. The atmosphere is thick with tension; I feel as if I am learning all over again. Without warning, the store clears out, and it is just me, the owner, and some female doctor who I have never met before. Spread out on my coffee table (that we did not bring with us when me moved) is various cakes and pies. Between mouthfuls of pie (by me), my boss tells me that my manager (his wife) is angry with me for taking an invoice home with me, and that she can’t resolve a back order issue without it. I tell him that’s impossible, and that I would have no reason to take an invoice home with me. I move to the filing cabinet, and every single invoice is missing except for 3. Weird, but I am more concerned with eating pies and cakes. My boss then informs me that once I help get through the shipments, I am free to go. Of course, there is box upon box of contact lens orders waiting to be sorted, and I quickly realize that I will be there all night. I blink, and everyone is gone, leaving me alone in the shop that has now morphed into the size of a department store.

After I woke up, I was initially angry with myself for not getting through all the shipment…

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Just a guy writing about how depression sucks.

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