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Jess stood on the edge of the platform, not sure which direction to take. One step further, the end was clear. There would be no going back from that decision. However, to turn around and face the other way was frightening in its own way. Every path chosen was equal in that it held its own secrets, and the outcome was not set in stone. Jess quickly realized that there was not a path of least resistance, and even if there was, what would there be to gain by choosing such a path? The answer itself was obvious, but its application…would prove to be difficult. It was at that moment clarity took hold: there weren’t just two ways, down or back, there were a multitude of roads, highways, bridges, and grassy footpaths; they were always there, but the fog was usually too thick to see them, and the focus was always on one direction. So, taking a deep breath, Jess stepped off the platform, hoping to beat the fog that was already enveloping.

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Just a guy writing about how depression sucks.

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