Do you disappear into the music you are listening to? Whatever I am listening to, I become part of. It will affect my mood, sometimes powerfully so. I am not a good person to listen to music with, because I take it more serious than it should be. It’s my art. There are so many songs that have attached meaning for me, it’s near impossible to not have a strong emotional reaction when I hear them. I am sure that my wife suspects I am truly crazy sometimes, because I will be listening to a song, and a switch will go off, and I will be talking with her, tears in my eyes, about events that happened lifetimes ago. I can’t be the only one that experiences this, can I? I am almost always overwhelmed with incredible sadness, because of course the music always stirs up some sort of past trauma, regret, death, etc. Even a happy moment will usually be looked upon with sadness later, because that moment is gone. Shit, even everything I write isn’t exactly brimming with positivity. Maybe a shower would make me feel better. A walk outside in the sun. With my music…

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Just a guy writing about how depression sucks.

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