Untitled Two

Floating along the waterway

A crisp and cool morning in May

A little boy wandering around the grass

What a discovery! Mom, come look!

A body lying face down in the muck

Nobody knows who it is

The little boy stares in wonder

The mother covers his face in fear

You, the man in the water

Who might you be?

You, the man in the water

Tell us, what did you see?

What leads a man to walk the edge?

What drives a man to end his life?

Questions bound to go unanswered

By the man in the water

Untitled One

Memory is a jealous lover

You can never relish in your present

For you are constantly brought back to the past

How do you slay the dragon of time?

You were left on a doorstep

But they forgot to ring the bell

All you desired was a friendly shake

Instead they served you tea and sympathy

You cannot see that you are breaking

Because all the parts are hidden

Sometimes you have to trust in others

To ­­repair the damage unseen

You tried to flee the scene of the crime

Virtue kept you detained

She knew it was just a passing fancy

There was little to be done

You chase rabbits at night

To wake up cold and sore in the morn

Swallowing the doctrine of the serpent and the staff

You march along and follow their orders

When you jump off that ledge tonight

How deep will the water be?

How far will you need to propel

Until the rocks kiss your lips?